The first episode of Doctor Who Series 7 – featuring various generations of Daleks – is set to premiere at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival in August, according to The Guardian.

The festival, which takes place between 23rd-25th August 2012, will be screening the new Dalek episode (rumoured to be titled ‘Asylum of the Daleks’), as well as hosting a Sherlock Masterclass with appearances from Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and producer Sue Vertue.

Doctor Who Online meanwhile is speculating that the new Series (or Season if you will) may begin airing on either Saturday 25th August or Saturday 1st September. However, it is worth noting that last year’s Autumn opener Let’s Kill Hitler had a 12-day gap between its BFI premiere screening (15th August 2011) and its UK/US broadcast debut on 27th August 2011.

(via SFX and DWO)

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